A blog for Transistor art, fiction, and other such stuff. Might eventually turn into a Transistor roleplay blog, but until then is willing to work on tiny roleplays and fics. Please be kind.

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None of the art on this blog is mine, and if you would like me to credit you for your art please notify me.

The front side of the bag is done! I used markers on the canvas (after first sketching out in pencil my designs). Maybe I should put up a progress photoset later…

In any case, I have a feeling the back side will need a lot of red fabric marker…

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Darren Korb
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"Okay, there’s a… wait. Back back backbackback."

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A sketch for September 28, 2014: Red from #Transistorgame #sketches #supergiantgames

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in the pre-game flashbacks we never see red’s mouth when she sings and i think that’s really interesting, like even before the process and the camerata the only way red had a voice in cloudbank was through her music

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What we were doing was… wrong in the traditional sense, in the contemporary sense. 


Cosplay and model: moi

Photo: Yukibun

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In our tradition of maintaining the people of Cloudbank’s right to have a say in their city’s governance, the administration is always working to ensure that all our citizens’ voices are heard. We hope these newest resources, while a good more direct than previous endeavors, will more easily facilitate the voices that make Cloudbank what it is. After all, without its people, what is this city but so much metal and circuitry? What is it, truly, without someone to shape it?

I am Administrator Grant Kendrell, and I am here to take your questions and comments directly.

(now open for rp and asks!)

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We’ve been fooling around in Photoshop for my Computer Graphics class and with the free time I had after finishing all the assigned projects the teacher said to do something on our own

So I made a movie poster for Transistor. Because Transistor was a great game.

I’m not entirely sure who these two fantastic cosplays of Red are but if you’re seeing this you did an excellent job and I think they really helped encapsulate the poster’s meaning.
(If anyone knows the cosplayers please message me and tell me and I will gladly give credit where credit is due)

Red cosplays are done by Kairisia on DeviantArt! Thanks to everyone who helped figure that out, and thanks to Kairisia for the wonderful cosplays!

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"you & i — we always plan things perfectly."


Next User Level: 100%

Red Cosplayer

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