A blog for Transistor art, fiction, and other such stuff. Might eventually turn into a Transistor roleplay blog, but until then is willing to work on tiny roleplays and fics. Please be kind.

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None of the art on this blog is mine, and if you would like me to credit you for your art please notify me.

Transistor (1/?) 


I’m so sorry, Red…

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“The love of every single one of my lives.” 

dat ass


there was a need for this over on the skype group. enjoy

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[Quiet whimpering sounds from the roleplay front.]


i played (and finished) transistor. i have a lot of thoughts on it! i think it was very well done and i would change nothing about the story — i enjoyed the gameplay, the game, the characters, and especially the way everything fit together. i think that it might be my favorite game, narrative-wise, and red is an amazing (and loud even without her voice) character. 

also, her sword boyfriend made me cry.

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Sketchdaily, Red from Transistor WIP

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Breakers Cosplay punishandenslavesuckers as the Young lady 

peterjung as Royce! 

Photo By Edtan


Actual thing where tumblr doesn’t destroy my picture quality! So anyways I decided to draw Red from Transistor because I LOVED THE GAME SO MUCH IT WAS GREAT!!! *deep sigh* I fell in love with sword boyfriend though. 

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This is what happens when I get photoshop…